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Sightseeing tourist buses

With the support of  the Department of  tourism of municipality of Zhambyl region in Taraz will be launched 2 free tour buses, which will operate from the summer tourist season in the period from July to November 2019. During this time, services will be provided to residents and guests of the city of  Taraz in
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A regular meeting of the Subcommittee was held in neighboring Kyrgyzstan EKAB (Almaty-Bishkek economic corridor). The meeting of representatives of the two countries was held in Bishkek. It paid special attention to the development of the mountain tourism cluster of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, as well as new projects in the industry. Zhambyl region borders the
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On 20-21 April, the Company “NOMAD EXPLORER”, with the support of Тourism Departmеnt of akimat of Zhambyl and Zhualy district, was carried out for the first time we have the Festival “Southern Legends”. Tourist routes on the main historical objects, and also Tulip routes in the gorge “Berikkara” of Zhualy district were included. In the
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