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A regular meeting of the Subcommittee was held in neighboring Kyrgyzstan EKAB (Almaty-Bishkek economic corridor). The meeting of representatives of the two countries was held in Bishkek. It paid special attention to the development of the mountain tourism cluster of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, as well as new projects in the industry. Zhambyl region borders the Kyrgyz Republic and part of the economic corridor passes through our region. Therefore, the Department of tourism of mayoralty of Zhambyl region did not stand aside.

 Head of Department Karlygash Oralbekova spoke about the new projects that are necessary to support the Asian development Bank.

  – development of health-improving and agro-tourism in Merke district,

  – development of combined tour routes,

  – construction of service facilities along the route «Western Europe-Western China»,

  – manufacturing of souvenir production on an industrial level,

  – strategy of joint development of handicraft business of the two countries and implementation of traditional crafts in the «Town of artisans»,

  –investments in the project «Ski complex Kar-Alma»