The main purpose of ethno – Kazakh aul of the project in the framework of the program “Rouhani Zhangyru” – the revival of traditions of Ancient Taraz, unique, vibrant culture of the nomads, the history of the past. The national cultural complex introduced guests to the rich history, culture, art and traditions of the Kazakh people. In the complex, each person will be able to feel the ethno-cultural environment of nomadic civilization and get a complete picture of the daily, festive life of the village. The ethno-village hosted the festival of Kazakh musical and theatrical art, master classes of masters of applied art, exhibitions of national dishes, crafts and art, ethnic music festivals, competitions in national sports and other events. Visitors who visited the sectors of “traditional hunting”, “national games and entertainment”, “national dish”, “Kazakh musical and theatrical art”, “artisans” received extensive information about the customs and traditions of the Kazakh people.