The Department of tourism of administration of Zhambyl region organized a training seminar for 100 voluntary tour guides. The main goal is to provide high-quality services in three languages for about 3 thousand tourists who expect to arrive in Taraz in October.

From 8 to 12 October this year, the Department of tourism holds the international fashion week “Taraz Aspara fashion week”, ethno-project” Kazak auyly “in the Keruen Palace” Tortkul”, the international exhibition of masters of arts and crafts.We plan to hold a festival of national cuisine” Taraz food tourism”. It is expected that these days about 3 thousand tourists will arrive in the city. Among them are qualified specialists of international level in the field of tourism. We must meet the guests who came to this significant event at a decent level. To do this, it is important, first of all, to become professionals capable of providing quality and competent information to visitors in three languages. Because the opinion of the tourist is formed depending on the information and activities. And in our region there is a shortage of tour guides who will be able to provide services at this level. And now to fill this event we conduct such training seminars, the volunteers, – said the head of the Department of tourism of the Governor’s office Karlygash Aralbekova.

At training seminars in addition to the local skilled professionals of the tourism industry, and historians study Maya Sarukusi lectures, specially arrived from Astana. Maya Sarukusi is the President of the tourist Association in Central Kazakhstan masters of hotel, restaurant and arts and crafts. The Association of tour operators and travel agencies working in the field of domestic tourism in the country and the input and output, hotels and restaurants, United masters of arts and crafts. Organizes exhibitions of masters of applied arts abroad. In addition, short-term courses for managers in the field of tourism, training of employees of hotels and restaurants in five-star hotels of Astana are held in cooperation with Kazakhstan technological University. With the assistance of the Association this year 38 citizens are provided with stable work in the field of tourism. That is, Maya Sarukusi tourism business of the subtleties a skilled professional to perfection.

At the end of the training seminar, participants were awarded special certificates