In the first half of October Taraz expects a grandiose event – the second season of the International Fashion Week “ASPARA FASHION WEEK” with the participation of clothing designers, journalists and fashion experts from Europe and Asia, as well as Kazakhstan designers. Recall that in 2017 in the regional center was held

The organizers of the ASPARA FASHION WEEK in Taraz will be the tourism department of Akimat of Zhambyl region and Aidarkhan Kaliev, the chief designer of the Fashion House Asyl-Design, the founder of the college of model art and business ASPARA in Taraz, the founder of the neo-folklore style, founder of the brands “ASPARA” and “Aidar Khan” in Kazakhstan. Today its collections are conquered by world podiums.

As part of the Week of Haute Couture, a flow of foreign and domestic tourists is expected, which will be offered tourist routes along the sacred sites of the city of Taraz and Zhambyl region. Today, the tourism department of Zhambyl region together with tourist associations and travel agencies solves a number of organizational issues for preparing a serious event and receiving guests in order to adequately represent our region.

Thus, the tasks of the upcoming events include not only expanding the geography of business contacts, establishing links between designers and fashion and advertising specialists, but also developing a tourist direction in the region.