Our region, which has a lot of natural reservoirs, is a fertile place for lovers of fishing. The Sunday, July 8, marked on the calendar of dates as the Fisherman’s Day, became a real holiday for the Zhambyl fishermen-lovers. On this day, for the first time, a gathering of fishermen-amateurs of the region was held, which was decided by the federation of fishing sport in Zhambyl oblast to be organized on the “Koktem” reservoir, located at the 27th junction in Zhambyl district.

According to the head of the federation of sport fishing in Zhambyl region, Vladimir Khvan, about 20 people took part in the competition, who competed in fishing and cooking the hot smoked koktala stuffed with vegetables in foil.

It is impossible to convey the sensations from fishing and taste of magnificent fish, it is necessary to experience and try it yourself.