In mid-July, the guests of the Zhambyl region and the city of Taraz became the film crew headed by the director Mehtap Sabunju, who represents the TV channel TRT AVAZ, the largest television channel in Turkey, broadcasting programs in Europe and Central Asia.

The main purpose of the arrival of the television group is to shoot a colorful and meaningful documentary film “The Modern Silk Road” to cover the new tourist direction of the Silk Road, represented by the Turkic Council. Recall that last year the Turkic Council – an international organization that unites modern Turkic states, whose main goal is the development of comprehensive cooperation between member states – initiated the international project “The Modern Silk Road”. According to the idea of ​​the organizers, within the framework of the tourist project for a single trip, tourists from different countries will be able to visit several countries – Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The program of the tour package is designed for 14 days. During this time, tourists can get acquainted with the historical places, culture and way of life of peoples, follow the path of the Great Silk Road.

The implementation of the pilot project of the tourist branch through Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan began in 2017 with two information tours for tour operators from different countries, this year at the second stage of the project its advertising promotion is planned in the form of a documentary film about the states located on the Great Silk ways.

According to the director, the shooting, planned in four countries, began with Kyrgyzstan, now continuing in Kazakhstan, including in our region. Tourist objects of the Zhambyl region were branded attractions – a monument of love and loyalty to the mausoleum of Aisha Bibi, the historical and cultural complex “Kone Taraz” and the medieval caravan-shed Torkul.

“Central Asia for tour operators in Turkey is an unexplored region,” Mehtap Sabunju admitted. “They do not know about her past or the present, so we need to unite all efforts that this project began to work in full force. The countries of the Great Silk Road open up a lot and surprise us at every turn.

To familiarize themselves with tourist facilities, the Turkish film crew was accompanied by the heads of the tourism department of the Akimat of Zhambyl region and tourist associations.

“Today, the tourism sector is paying more attention,” said Karlygash Aralbekova, head of the tourism department of the Zhambyl oblast akimat. – A special role is assigned to attracting foreign tourists, of course, the introduction of a new interstate tourist route requires serious preparation from our side. To be ready for a large flow of tourists, we are working on infrastructure development, quality service at road service facilities, hotels, restaurants, guide training, revival of craftsmanship. Of great importance is the work with the population, from the openness and hospitality of which depends the desire of tourists not only to return to our original, unique land, but also to attract other travelers by all available means.