The first meeting of the Association of Craftsmen was held at the Tourism Administration of Zhambyl Oblast Administration.

The head of the printing company Saule Rysbaeva, who was elected by the majority of the chairman of the association of artisans, noted that only in the joint work it is possible to achieve tangible results. Today there are more than one hundred artisans in the region, and it’s very important to unite all of them.

In her opinion, the presentable kind of souvenirs is largely attached to packaging. As the head of the printing company S. Rysbaeva promised to do everything possible to ensure that the products of Zhambyl craftsmen, thanks to the packaging design, acquired not only a worthy look, but also carried a semantic content, and also pointed to the main tourist brands of our region.

She stressed that on the eve of the October festival “ASPARA FASHION WEEK”, which presents a good opportunity to show the skills of local artisans to foreign tourists, it is necessary to pay attention to improving the quality of souvenirs, and for this, the experience of neighboring regions should be adopted.

In addition, the meeting discussed the preparation for the upcoming Fashion Week “ASPARA FASHION WEEK”. The head of the department of tourism of the Akimat of Zhambyl region Karlygash Aralbekova informed that in the regional center there will be installed the sites for the realization of handicraft goods and information kiosks. She proposed to create a register of all artisans in the region and publish a colorful catalog with an indication of their production, photographs of finished products.

During the meeting, the participants hotly discussed what to interest and what to attract a sophisticated foreign tourist to our region, and also paid special attention to branding. During the discussion, many constructive proposals were voiced