The mausoleum Tekturmas was built in the 14th century on the right river bank of Talas. The historical name of Tekturmas is Sultan Makhmudkhan, and the word Tekturmas from Turkic language means “Uneasy place”.

According to one version Sultan Makhmudkhan was the great commander of the Karakhanid Empire.

The mausoleum is considered as one of the ancient cult places. Asynchronical necropolises of Zoroastrians, Muslims, and Christians are located at the top of the Tekturmas hills. An ancient underpass was at the bottom of the hill, and there once stone bridge was laid through the river Talas.

In the 30s years of 20th century a monument was  partially destroyed after the militant atheists’ actions. The picture of this mausoleum taken in the 80s years of the 19th century, has remained. In 2002 a new mausoleum was constructed in its former place.