Taraz city (Talas) as a historical and cultural centre of Great Silk Way was founded in 40s-36s years BC. In 568 this city is mentioned in the Byzantine sources for the first time. In 630 the Chinese traveler Xuan-Jian writes: “Taraz city is about 8-9 li, dealers from the different countries live alternately here “. The Arab traveler Ibn Haukal describes the city as following: “Taraz is the trade place of Muslims with Turkic people”. The Arab historian Al-Makdisi left the following information: “Taraz is a big strengthened city with many gardens, and densely populated rabad”. In the middle of the 10th century Taraz city was considered as the largest cultural center of Karakhanid state.

The historic center of the ancient Taraz consists of 3 parts: citadel, shahrestan and rabad.

The archeological excavations of 19th century have shown that there were water supply system from clay pipes, public hamam baths, mint, paved streets and other constructions.