The full name of Dautbek is Ulug Bilge Ikbal Khan Dautbek Shamansur, he was a great commander of Mongolian Empire era, the offspring of Turkic kagan, and famous person of his times.

Originally the mausoleum had an appearance of a booth which dome kept on four semicircular arches. Arches were based upon the rubble base. The mausoleum takes the modern form at the end of the 19th century when mausoleum “shirt” is built, and arch passes are put. At the southern pass two chance minarets are constructed.

The inscription on a gravestone was read by the scientist V. V. Bartold in which it is said that “Turkic military leader is buried here”, “the possessor of a feather and sword”, “the patron of Islam and devout”, and died on March 31, 1262″.