The early Islamic mosque was discovered in 2006 during archeological excavations. As a result of the carried-out works oddments of the ancient mosque (9-12th centuries) were found, which was reconstructed from Nestorianism-Christian (8-9th centuries) church. Poles were found among ruins. On East side there is a sufa, where people sat praying in ancient times and on West side of a construction a place of a mikhrab is revealed.

As a result, historians came to a conclusion that time of this construction creation is dated  to 8-12th centuries, that is considered as the early period of Islam in Kazakhstan.

Caravan-Sarai (8-12th centuries) is located opposite to the early Islamic mosque. During archeological excavations artifacts (coins, stonewares, etc.) were found, which gave the chance to date this mausoleum to 8-12th centuries.

The early Islamic mosque and the Caravan-Shed are the first museums under the open sky in the territory of Taraz.