The ancient settlement Balasagun is founded at the time of Great Turkic Khanate which is the largest on the Great Silk Way. It was the political center at Turkic Khanate. It was announced as the capital of the Karahanid state in the 10-12th centuries.

Medieval Turkic scientists Yusuf Balasagun, Mahmoud Kashgaria lived and worked in this city. Yu.Balasagun’s encyclopedic work “Kutta Bilik” (edification book) was written here. Arab geographer Al-Makdisi wrote the following about the ancient settlement Balasagun: “Balasagun is densely populated city with a large amount of water”.

On June 25, 2014 within the 38th session of UNESCO which took place in city Doha, Qatar, the ancient settlement Balasagun on the Great Silk Way was entered in the list of World cultural heritage.