Ancient settlement Ornek is one of large medieval ancient settlements of Turkic city culture. It developed as well as other ancient settlements, and the X-XII centuries were the period of blossoming of the city. Ancient settlement Ornek was a centre of spirituality, culture and a civilization, and also a trade center on the Great Silk Way in  its time.

Some ancient settlements such as Kasribas, Kulshub, Zhulshub were located between Taraz and the lower Barskhan to Kulan according to the road map made by medieval Arab travellers Ibn Khordadbek,  Kudama ibn Jafar.

 Kulshub hereinafter Ornek was the estate of the feudal lord and belonged to Karluks.

The ancient settlement Ornek on the Great Silk Way was included in the list of the World cultural heritage on June 25, 2014 in 38 sessions of UNESCO, held in Doha of Qatar state.