Aysha-bibi is a mausoleum with unique construction. In decoration of facades more than 62 types of unique terracotta tiles, various forms and patterns were used. It is the only one architecture monument in Kazakhstan and Central Asia which is completely cladded with carved terracotta tiles, with rich and various geometrical and floral patterns in various options and combinations. On the 18th number of a western columns laying there are corbels with inscriptions executed by keffiyeh style of the Arab alphabet. The following words are remained: “Fall … Clouds … Earth is beautiful…”. In the mausoleum the gravestone is remained. According to a legend Karakhan Shakh-Makhmud built the mausoleum for his beloved. Only legends remained about the buried woman. One of the most widespread legends tells about Aisha, beautiful daughter of Zengi-baba and Anuarbegim who died from a sting of a snake during a trip to beloved governor of Taraz, the brave warrior Karakhan.