To determine the issues of regional tourism development, the Department conducted scientific and expert work on the current state of tourism, developed a Strategic plan for the development of the tourism industry in Zhambyl region for 2020-2022, which defines the main directions and trends in tourism development.

Goal: to create a highly efficient, competitive tourist complex and turn it into a highly profitable sector of the economy.


 development of tourism infrastructure;

модернизация modernization of the material base of tourism;

разработать develop a set of measures to promote the activation of construction of new facilities;

promotion of the region’s tourism product on the national and global markets.

Historical, cultural and natural resources of the region allow us to create a modern, highly efficient, competitive tourist complex that can meet any demand of tourists.

Nonetheless, a Management expert has revealed that, despite the high tourism potential of the region, the pace of development of tourism are average, and across districts generally weak or unsystematic, chaotic, chaotic sphere.

Work on the development of historical and cultural resources to achieve the planned goals and objectives.

To date, only historical and cultural resources have made the greatest contribution to the development of the tourism sector out of the above-mentioned tourist resources (historical and cultural and natural resources). However, it requires intensive development.

In total, out of 3,441 officially registered historical and cultural sites, 37 were recognized as tourist attractions, an inventory was carried out and shortcomings were identified. These are mainly the modernization of 37 objects, digitalization, infrastructure development, landscaping, archaeological excavations, opening of open-air museums, popularization of these objects at the level of the region, the Republic, and the world.

Natural resources-provide great opportunities for opening tourist areas. We can’t use the region’s natural resources either fully or partially in the tourism sector. Because the use of natural resources, the transformation of these lands into a tourism zone requires large investments and should be a private investment.

Activities carried out in the direction of natural resources development

 Определить Identify natural areas that allow opening new tourist areas, and consider the possibility of turning these places into tourist zones;

определить identify recreation areas for citizens of the region, improve them, equip them with the necessary equipment for tourists ‘ recreation (construction of roads, installation of benches, benches, etc.).);

 promotion of investment projects;

Support for investment projects (consider ways to apply the public-private partnership mechanism). Development of tourism in specially protected natural areas (construction of tourist trails and development of tourist routes to these places);

 construction of recreation areas and observation decks.

In conclusion, the strategic plan for the development of tourism in Zhambyl region until 2020-2022 provides for the development of tourism infrastructure using the historical, cultural and natural resources of the region and increasing the flow of tourists to the region by actively promoting the tourist potential with developed infrastructure.

In addition, if the measures specified in the plan are implemented, it will contribute to the development of the region’s tourist infrastructure, ensure a steady increase in the total flow of tourists for domestic and inbound types of tourism, and stimulate employment in the field of tourism and services.

As a result, the region will develop historical and cultural, historical and educational, local history, archaeological, scientific, environmental, cultural and leisure, hunting, fishing, ethnographic, children’s and youth, sports, agrotourism, medical tourism, business tourism.

If the planned measures are implemented, it is expected that the number of tourists arriving in the region will reach an average of 500-800 thousand people, and 200-300 new jobs will be created.

The draft Strategic plan was submitted for discussion by the akimats of Taraz cities and districts, regional administrations, as well as non-governmental organizations, tourist associations that provide services in the field of tourism in the region, with their comments and comments.