In honor of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on September 17, at 18.00 hours of this year, an Exhibition of artisans and photographers of the Zhambyl region took place, which took place at the address: Taraz, the territory of the ethno-cultural complex “Kune Taraz” (Shahristan), opposite the Stele of the tower clock …

This Exhibition was held with the participation of artisans of the Zhambyl region, as well as local professional photographers of the region.

At this event, residents and guests of the city of Taraz purchased unique jewelry made of silver and cupronickel, clothes and accessories made of felt and silk, jewelry made of natural stones, chose skullcaps, hats and bags, purchase ceramic and wooden dishes, and also discover the world of photographers and visual artists of our area.

And, of course, admire the skill of the local artisan craftsmen of the area, in which every adult and child could take part in master classes in various areas of the artisan craftsmanship.