From 30 November to 10 December 2018 by the Department of tourism in Zhambyl region will be held 2 creative competition in the framework of the International exhibition of artisans «Masters of Ancient Taraz»:

1. Regional competition of young artisans «Ancient Taraz»;

2. Children’s drawing competition «Taraz-the city of artisans».

Regional competition for young craftsmen «Ancient Taraz» among the masters of the decorative arts and artisans on the best Souvenirs is carried out with the aim of promoting decorative and applied arts, folk arts and crafts, as well as determine the best Souvenirs Taraz and Zhambyl region among young artists, identifying author’s development with preservation of traditional style and promotion of masters of decorative-applied and fine art.

The competition of children’s drawing «Taraz-the city of artisans» is aimed at identifying the most talented children in the field of artistic creativity for the subsequent possible use of their drawings in the design of visual media to promote the tourist brand of Taraz, as well as the involvement of children in the arts and crafts. Competitions will be held by the jury, the winners will be awarded with valuable gifts and Souvenirs.