Swimming pool Dolphin

Swimming pool Dolphin

Address: Abay avenue 109

Working time:

Contact phone numbers: +7 (7262) 45-89-85

Average check: 10000 tenge




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The Dolphin swimming pool is located in the center of Taraz, Zhambyl region, next to the central stadium, and next to the central city recreation park. In summer, the pool is open-air. At this time it is very useful to come to swim in the pool and at the same time to sunbathe under the hot southern sun. In winter, the pool is covered with a special roof and water heating is turned on.

Anyone can visit the Dolphin swimming pool. He can enroll in a swimming training group, or in a water polo training group, or take an individual training course with a coach, or just come for a swim. The cost of a one-time visit is about $ 3 (translated into local currency – Kazakhstan tenge), the cost of a subscription for twenty visits costs about $ 30. In winter, the water in the pool is very warm, about 25 degrees Celsius, so you can safely go to the pool even in cold season.