What safety rules should be observed when visiting a tourist trip to the mountains?

– Do not walk in poor visibility (fog) or in the dark. See the weather forecast before the trip to the route;

– Before visiting the mountainous area, it is necessary to take into account weather conditions and obstacles, possible dangers. If the weather is bad, go down, not up;

– On mountain routes, carefully monitor the road and carefully look under your feet, especially after the rain;

– Do not climb steep slopes to avoid injury;

– Prevent overheating of the body;

– If you take children with you to the mountains, do not forget about the responsibility for them, do not leave them unattended;

– Bring enough water and a compass;

– If you are traveling with a group or friends, you better stay with them. Be sure to bring a first aid kit with the necessary supply of medicines. The pace of movement is determined by the weakest in the group.

– If you are going to the mountains for the first time on an unfamiliar route, then before that try to find a person who will follow this route, or it is better to find out in advance the details about this route. Never go to the mountains on an unfamiliar route without a guide;

– Lost in the mountains, you can encounter dangerous wild animals and fall off a cliff. In winter, avalanches occur in the mountains, and in summer stones can collapse.

– If you are going to the mountains for a few days, then report your mobile phone numbers to the round-the-clock units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan at number 112.