MSI “Tourist information center” Taraz-Tourism ” of Tourism Department of mayoralty akimat of Zhambyl region

“Tourist information center” Taraz-Tourism ” of the Tourism Department of Zhambyl region (hereinafter-the Center) is a non-profit organization with the status of a legal entity, established in the organizational and legal form of the institution to perform the following functions: formation and dissemination of information about the tourism potential of the region, promotion of tourist products in the tourist market and scientific and methodological support in the field of tourist activities.

The subject of the Center’s activity is the implementation of the unified state policy in the sphere of tourism development in Zhambyl region.

The purpose of the Center are:

1) promotion of tourist activity and creation of favorable conditions for its development, definition and support of priority directions of tourist activity; 

2) formation and dissemination of information on tourism opportunities in Kazakhstan;

3) promotion of tourism product in the international tourism market and within the government;

4) creation of conditions for the development of new business entities and scientific and methodological support in the field of tourism activities in the territory of Zhambyl region.

To achieve this goal the Center carries out the following activities:

1) organization and holding of events for the development of tourism in the region;

2) advertising and image activity, production and distribution of advertising and information products, production and demonstration of videos and commercials reflecting the tourism potential of the region;

3) participation in national and international tourism fairs, exchanges, meetings and exhibitions, for the presentation of tourism opportunities of the region;

4) conducting thematic training seminars and trainings, as well as organizing training courses and advanced training of specialists in the field of tourism, guides, guides, tourism instructors;

5) creating conditions for attracting investment in the tourism industry; 

6) rendering to subjects of tourist activity of methodical and advisory help concerning tourist activity;

7) provision of tourist information, including tourist potential, tourism facilities and persons engaged in tourism activities;

8) provision of necessary and reliable information about the rules of entry in country (place) temporary stay and departure from the country (place) of temporary stay, about customs of local population, religious rites, shrines, monuments of nature, history, culture and other objects of tourist display, under the special protection;

9) assistance in obtaining legal and other types of assistance to foreign tourists;

10) organization and conduct of promotional tours for tour operators and media representatives;

11) organization of information points (stands, racks) at the airport, in the buildings of railway and bus stations and other places with constant updating of tourist information;

12) opening and maintaining a website with all necessary information;

13) advertising on television, in the media, on billboards, etc.