Kaliyev Aidarkhan

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Aidarkhan Kaliyev is the chief designer of the Fashion House «Asyl-Design», candidate of sciences, associate professor of art history, author of over 60 image and seasonal collections. His author’s collections have long been the hallmark of Kazakhstan at World and International forums and exhibitions. Under his leadership, branded models from domestic brands «ASPARA» and «Aidar Khan» are produced.
The fashion house «Asyl-Design» annually creates two seasonal collections. As a rule, this is a collection of highly artistic and exclusive models, made on the basis of world fashion trends, taking into account climatic conditions, regional mentality and typology of figures. The main idea of creating collections is to synthesize the trends of world fashion with the wise traditions of nomad costume. The collections are created in the «neo-folklore» style of the «pret-a-port suite» class, unique only to Aidarkhan Kaliyev, in which they are combined:
1. Loyalty to the traditions of the art of nomad costume;
2. High quality of execution;
3. Introduction of innovative technologies in the design of modern clothing.


Адрес 14 Nietkalieva str., Taraz

Телефон 8 (7262) 45 29 00

Режим работы: Monday 10:00-18:30 Tuesday 10:00-18:30 Wednesday 10:00-18:30 Thursday 10:00-18:30 Friday 10:00-18:30 Saturday 10:00-18:30 Sunday Closed