Город Тараз

Taraz is a historical city stretching along the Talas River. It was built before the V century. The city of Taraz is a city that, having overcome millennia and survived different epochs, has not remained without soil and has reached the present day from the depths of history. Currently the city 's population is 357,663 people .

70% of the population of Taraz city are Kazakhs. Russians, Uzbeks, Koreans, Tatars, Turks, Germans, Kurds, Dungans, Kirghizs, Greeks, Azerbaijanis, Uighurs, Chechens live in the city.

The city of Taraz has been named Aulie ata since 1856. In 1936, Mirzoyan was named. And in 1938 he was named after the poet-improviser Zhambyl Zhabaev. On January 8, 1997, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan returned the ancient name of Taraz to the ancient city, whose roots go deep into the country. This year is the 25th anniversary of the return of the historical name
quot;Taraz" to the city, which changed its name from time to time!